Victory Hill TH Receives $5,000 grant from the Mike & Erin Martucci Family Foundation

Laurie Bryceland, Founder of VHTH, and a portion of the Volunteer Team are excited to accept this grant award and are so very grateful to the Mike & Erin Martucci Family Foundation for their support!

Mike Martucci 

Oct. 1, 2020 – Erin and I, through our family foundation, are proud to support Victory Hill Therapeutic Horsemanship with a $5,000 donation which will enable them to continue offering their life-saving programs. Located in the Town of Greenville, Victory Hill TH is led by Laurie Bryceland where she and her team of volunteers provide high-quality equine-assisted activities to adults and children with special needs. Those they service include individuals with conditions such as autism, Down Syndrome, TBI, and PTSD. We toured their beautiful facilities, learned about programming specifics, and the kids even had a chance to interact with the animals responsible for healing many in our communities. The work being done at Victory Hill TH is even more vital now given the ongoing circumstances of this year. Healthcare workers suffering from the physical and emotional stresses of combating the COVID pandemic can find hope and healing at Victory Hill. First responders, active duty military, veterans, and law enforcement will receive specialized treatment to help them reconnect with society and improve their physical, mental, and emotional health. One story that stood out from my time with Laurie at her facility was that of a family of first responders who work in New York City. At the height of the riots, they were accosted and harassed due to the uniforms they wear. Feeling dejected and ostracized, and with targets unfairly placed on their backs, they turned to Victory Hill for help. Within a few sessions, they were ready to get back to serving their communities. These are proven therapies that reduce a host of debilitating mental and physical ailments and improve emotional, physical, and cognitive health. I applaud Laurie and her team at Victory Hill Therapeutic Horsemanship for taking up such a monumentally important task for those in need. I encourage all of you to check out the work they are doing and to get involved and support their mission if you are able.