Our Staff

Laurie Bryceland, CTRI, ESMHL – Laurie is the head instructor and a certified mentor as well as an Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning. She conducts sessions of Equine Assisted Learning with a wide variety of clients and students including at risk youth, children and adults with special needs, veterans, active military families and first responders. Laurie also teaches beginner riding skills in both English and Western disciplines as well as Horsemanship skills. She is passionate about helping her clients discover all that horses can teach us.

Christine Bruckner, LCSW – As a skilled clinician, Christine recognizes the importance of giving back and bridging the gap between the veteran and civilian communities. Extending equine assisted psychotherapy to veterans and their family members is a way to begin to bridge that gap. Working with horses and being in nature provide powerful opportunities for healing and reconnecting. Christine is a life long horse woman who realized early on how powerful horses are in helping people heal from trauma. In 2001, she decided to pursue her  Therapeutic Riding Instructor certification to help physically and emotionally challenged children learn to ride. After realizing her keen interest in working with traumatized teens, who had been labeled emotionally disturbed, she decided to pursue a masters degree in social work in order to practice equine assisted psychotherapy, graduating in 2003. She found working not only with individuals, but also with families, to be the most effective way to change destructive patterns and to form more peaceful and fulfilling relationships. She has been working with clients suffering with PTSD for over 10 years, beginning with adolescents in therapeutic foster care and expanding to veterans and first responders. Her training in the EAGALA, Epona and Natural Lifemanship models, as well as more traditional models such as DBT and exposure based therapy, is all utilized during equine assisted psychotherapy sessions.

Dr. Teri Whynman, PT – Teri and Laurie have known each other for over 30 years. They met when they both volunteered as Emergency Medical Technicians for the South Orangetown Ambulance Corp in Rockland County, NY. Since that time, Teri has been a traveling physical therapist and has lived in N. Carolina and Alaska. Recently she returned to NY to pursue her doctorate and is currently working toward her certification in Hippotherapy through the American Hippotherapy Association.

NOTE: Currently all Victory Hill Therapeutic Horsemanship Staff are working as volunteers and not receiving compensation for their many long hours. We are so very thankful for their dedication and volunteerism!